Travel is essential as a way to bring people together to share food, music, culture, stories and celebration. Depending on the work you do as an organisation, you may find that travel is a significant emitter within your organisation.

Although not essential, a useful place to start could be to measure carbon emissions from your venue or community’s travel habits and identify the most significant areas to reduce. You can use this to build travel into your environmental policy and encourage your team, visitors and community to travel more sustainably.

Here are some suggested ways you can promote more sustainable travel options.

Public Transport

  • For local and urban travel, encourage all staff, community and public to use public transport, walking or cycling to travel to and from your venue. 
  • Research local public transport, with information about bus, train and other mass transport systems and details on deals (such as Ridacards etc.). Make this information readily available to everyone you engage with and provide to new staff at inductions and training.


  • Encourage cycling as much as possible by providing a cycling rate or travel reimbursement.
  • Provide information on local cycle paths and safe routes.
  • Consider setting up a ‘Cycle Buddy’ scheme so those that are less familiar with cycle routes can be partnered up to cycle with someone who does.
  • Provide a safe place for people to lock their bikes up at your venue, and if possible also changing and showering facilities.
  • If you are an employer, you may be eligible to sign up to the Cycle to Work scheme, which can help make the costs of cycling more accessible for your employees.


  • If it is necessary to use cars, promote car-pooling as often as possible. In return, offer administrative support (coordinating car-pooling), financial support (if possible), or a unique bonus. Financial support could include raising the mileage rate depending on the number of people in the car and reimbursing parking tickets for those who are carpooling.

Be Inventive

  • For local travel where walking or cycling is possible, be inventive in ways you can ‘reward’ your team, community members and volunteers that are not necessarily just financial, and ways you can encourage more walking and cycling. Not only is cycling and walking much better for the environment, but they are also great for mental and physical wellbeing. Perhaps you could get a few members of your community to join forces to cycle a certain distance over a certain period time, and by doing so raise money for an environmental cause such as Cycle for the Climate from Trees for Life.