Tips before you start

There are some simple things you can do at home to make sure that your recording is as good as it can be.

Before you try recording, make sure you’ve downloaded the sheet music for either the instrumental or vocal parts and tried it with the backing track a couple of times.

Quick Tips for Recording at Home!

Get everything together

  • your instrument if you are playing one (remember to tune!)
  • the sheet music
  • the backing track and a device to listen to it on (smartphone, tablet or laptop)
  • headphones to listen to the backing track
  • a device to record with (camera, smartphone, tablet or laptop)

Choose your recording space. Whilst for the best audio, a quiet room that isn’t too ‘echoey’ is best, we would love to see videos of you being creative with where you play, perhaps outdoors, with family (or pets!), and generally having fun. For video, avoid having bright light (like windows) coming from directly behind you.

Set up your camera. Place your device in landscape mode (horizontal) using the rear camera (not the selfie camera) about 1.5 to 2 metres away. If you have an external microphone you can plug in, great! But don’t worry if you don’t.

Use headphones. We want to hear you, not the backing track! So, stick on a pair of headphones as you play or sing your part.

Test your setup. Try a short clip first. Play or sing for a few moments and have a look back. Is the sounds OK? If the sound is ‘crackly’ or seems too quiet, move the recording device a bit further away or closer to you to get the best sound.

Is the video too bright or too dark? Are the dirty dinner dishes behind you? 🤣

And go! Once you are happy it’s time to record!