Scottish Classical Sustainability Group

The Scottish Classical Sustainability Group was co-founded in summer 2020 by Nevis Ensemble and Scottish Ensemble. It brings together orchestras, ensemble, festivals, musicians and sector representatives from across Scotland to promote sustainability, learn from one another and share best practice as we look to play our role in combatting the climate emergency. The group’s work to date has seen it win the Environmental Sustainability Award at the Scottish Awards for New Music 2021.

In July 2021, the Scottish Classical Sustainability Group launched the Scottish Classical Music Green Guide. Written collaboratively with learning and contributions from the 30+ members of the SCSG, this free guide contains knowledge and guidance on how to reduce carbon emissions in all aspects of your work.

Read and download the Scottish Classical Music Green Guide here.

The guide is intended to be relevant and useful to you whether you are an individual musician, part of a team, or in a position of leadership. 

In order to get the most out of the guide, we recommend that you:

  • Share it widely within your network: with friends and colleagues, different teams across your organisation – including musicians, and with senior management staff, and board/committee members.
  • Discuss it: online or in person. We think a discussion of the guide will provide a good opportunity to create momentum, engage in meaningful conversations and agree on actions.
  • Make it visible: the more people who read the guide, the more effective it will be! We encourage you to share it on social media and add news stories or blog posts to your website linking to the guide. 
  • Arrange an event: if you would like to arrange an event for staff or audiences to talk about the ideas in the guide, and would like members of the Scottish Classical Sustainability Group to talk at this, drop us an email at:

Scottish Classical Sustainability Group meetings are held every two months, with presentations from members and discussion on different topics.

Member organisations are:

Association of British Orchestras
BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
Chamber Music Scotland
Children’s Classic Concerts
Creative Carbon Scotland
Creative Scotland
Drake Music Scotland
Dunedin Consort
Hebrides Ensemble
Lammermuir Festival
Live Music Now Scotland
Making Music Scotland
Music at Paxton
Musicians’ Union
National Youth Choir of Scotland
National Youth Orchestras of Scotland
Nevis Ensemble
Nordic Viola
Red Note Ensemble
Royal Scottish National Orchestra
Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Scottish Ensemble
Scottish National Jazz Orchestra
Scottish Opera
Sequoia Duo
Sound Festival
St Andrews Voices
St Magnus Festival
The Comnock Tryst

If you would like to have access to minutes or are interested in attending a meeting then please contacted Georgina