The Nevis Living Room Ensemble

We know that many of you are now staying at home due to COVID-19, and there are lots of really inventive and wonderful ways that musicians are continuing to bring music to everyone. Thank goodness for the internet.

At Nevis, we thought we would respond in the most ‘Nevis’ way possible. Everyone is invited to take part, either by playing instruments, singing or even some interpretative dancing. All you need is your instrument and your phone.

We’ll be doing a few pieces over the coming weeks, but first up is that Nevis classic ‘I’m Gonna Be’ (500 Miles) arranged for us by the inimitable Gordon Cree, which has been with us on every tour and been performed hundreds of times!

If you play an instrument, download the PDF of the respective part and make a video recording of you playing to send to us.

If you are a singer, we have both the lyrics and sheet music; whichever you find easiest. And sing in whichever octave is most comfortable for you (we’re looking forward to some wonderful high register soprano singing…)

For those who might not have an instrument at home, or don’t feel like singing – YOU CAN STILL TAKE PART. Get out those pots, pans, wooden spoons, wine glasses, air horns, home-made pasta shakers… and make some music alongside the backing track.

Once you’ve had a look at the music and feel ready to record*, either set your Metronome to 120**, or play along to the backing track (with your headphones on so that we just hear you).

If you would rather make an audio-only recording that is fine, but we would love video as well (if using your phone, remember to make a ‘landscape’ recording by sitting your phone on its side rather than upright). Interpretative dancing is not obligatory but encouraged 😉

Once you are ready, send your recording to either by email, wetransfer or Dropbox. You can upload to our Dropbox here. If uploading to Dropbox, please drop us a wee email to say hello as it doesn’t capture email addresses. We don’t want to miss out on thanking you!


We’ll then make a nice mash-up of it all to share online.

Happy playing, and do get in touch if you have any questions.

*If you want to practise alongside the masters, you can find The Proclaimers version on Spotify.
**There are lots of great Metronome apps, and of course real-life Metronomes too(!), but ‘Soundbrenner‘ on the App Store and Google Play allows you to use a silent beat using light rather than clicks.