Jesús Lorente González


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your life. Not necessarily music-related!

I am from a little village in Spain called Tobarra. In 2015, I moved abroad to Glasgow in order to start studying in the RCS. I am a freelance musician, and I also work as an music instructor for the North Lanarkshire Council.

I am obsessed with lorries since I was a little kid, I am always drawing and looking at them. Also, I can’t be separated from a book more than a few hours.

How did you first get into music?

When I was 5 years old I really enjoyed seeing my local band marching on the street. This is what made my parents signing me up for music lessons at the age of eight. Since then, I have been attending to different music schools and conservatoires.

What made you decide that music would be an important part of your life?

During the adolescence, I was very active in playing with wind bands and my studies started to be very focused on music. This is what made me decide that I wanted to be a professional musician.

What has been your musical highlight so far?

I have been awarded to take part into the RSNO Apprenticeship Scheme during the 2017/18 academic year.

Who are your favourite composers/artists/musicians?

Two of my favourite composers are Mahler, very expected as a brass player, and Howard Shore, the composer of the soundtrack for Lord of the Rings. My favourite artists are Mnozil Brass, it is amazing how they can link theatre and music together.

What do you anticipate for the Nevis Ensemble?

I think it is going to be a great experience for me, not only as a musician, also as a person. Trying to share our music passion to everybody is going to be very enriching to us. It doesn’t matter where or to whom.