Form a Green Team or Join a Community

One of the first and most useful things you can do is identify a green champion or green team from your volunteers, organisation or community. It’s a great way to ensure there is always someone driving your environmental work forward, working on community engagement and keeping an eye on all the data and emissions.

Look for someone who is already interested or passionate about green issues and will help spark interest in others!

You may find you are able to form a green team with several members from different areas of your work, including both those on the organisational side of things as well as community members, and this can be a great way to ensure lots of voices are heard.

If you are a small organisation or have a shared venue/workplace, it is a good idea to form a green team with fellow users so you can work together to solve common problems and find long-term solutions. Having a green team will also help you to work with and approach the landlord about making the building a more sustainable place.

Some ideas for you green champion/team:

  • Organise regular meetings
  • Create a building/community-wide green newsletter with information about sustainability in the venue
  • Arrange regular green events: guest speakers, swap shops, recycling events, climate cafes etc. You will find more about this in Engagement.
  • Periodically arrange collections for less convenient recycling (i.e., electrical equipment, batteries, larger items, old cables).

Forming a green team or joining a community will make the work you do feel less isolated, as well as allowing you to take advantage of different perspectives and expertise. There are many organisations in Scotland and the UK working towards greater sustainability and you may find joining a larger community will significantly boost your green work and give you lots of green ideas to apply with your own community or venue.

Here are some climate change groups and communities to get you started, but with a quick search you’ll see there are many all across Scotland: