Take Action and Engage Your Community

Climate-related activities and events can be a really great way to both bring people together and make a difference for the planet at the same time.

There are loads of different actions or events you could do with your community, but here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Stand up for nature by organising fun nature-related activities. RSPB Scotland have some great suggestions here for family friendly nature activities. Also, check out these five actions to Revive Our World.
  • Everyone loves a blether over a hot drink and piece of cake. Why not organise a climate café and give people the opportunity to discuss the climate emergency at the same time? Get advice on hosting a climate café here.
  • Put on a climate ceilidh! In Scotland, a ceilidh is a great way to bring people together to share music, song and dance. It not only works in a big hall but can also be adapted to work online. Watch this video of over 80 people taking part in a climate ceilidh in their living rooms.
  • Be as creative as you can be in getting your members involved.
  • Try taking small actions first, or trying different actions one at a time for a certain length of time. You’d be amazed at what a difference you can make by committing to one action for a set period of time. Read more here about theatre venue Lyric Hammersmith, which ran a four week campaign #PlasticFreeLyric with a different initiative each week to give up plastic.
  • Organise events such as recycling initiatives, guest speakers, swap shops or a ‘Pass it On Week’ so unwanted items are always being reused.
  • Organising a community litter pick will make a tangible difference for wildlife and nature, and also help engage everyone with climate activism. Contact Keep Scotland Beautiful for advice on organising a litter pick.

Communicate Your Green Work

Communicating your green work can help inspire and motivate those you work with. Making sustainable change can be a really positive and communal activity for your community, so make communicating about your green work a standard part of your organisation’s practice. Tell audiences, staff, community members, visitors – whoever it is – about all the green work you are doing and what they can do to help.

Here are some ideas to start communicating your green work:

  • Include information on your green work on your website
  • Put up clear signage around your building about things thing you want to achieve, but also how the work your organisation is doing is already having an impact on your emissions and waste
  • Make sure all staff and visitors are aware of what they can do by showing them the recycling facilities and providing them information about public transport and other activities you are doing. The more people are involved throughout your organisation, the more it will become a really positive, community-led project to make your organisation more sustainable 

Get Top-Level and Community Commitment

Once you’ve started on your green journey and have begun committing to green actions, it’s vital to get commitment from both the top level team members and volunteers to actively support the work you’re doing. Top-level and across-team support and involvement in your pro-environmental activities is crucial in helping to motivate the whole organisation or community.

Why not hold an external meetings with staff and community members at different levels in your organisation regarding your new pledges to being more sustainable.