Dominykas Snarskis

Dominykas Snarskis

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your life. Not necessarily music-related!

I’m a not very communicative slow turtle, which loves boxing and cooking. I can also speak Lithuanian.

How did you first get into music?

I started with guitar, but it was very boring so I decided to make my life more exciting and started playing drums in the jazz orchestra.

What made you decide that music would be an important part of your life?

I loved touring with bands and all the stuff you do after the concerts.

What has been your musical highlight so far?

One time in a free jazz session I was so much into the music that I almost fell into a catharsis, I couldn’t feel anything but God playing through me. This is the moment I will never forget.

Who are your favourite composers/artists/musicians?

Jimi Hendrix!

What do you anticipate for the Nevis Ensemble?

I think it is a good example of looking at music in a different kind of way, where the most important thing is not the music itself but how it is presented to people.