Develop an Environmental Policy or Action Plan

Developing an environmental policy or action plan can be a really great way to organise and prioritise actions you want to take, whether that’s greening your building and planning engagement activities, or gathering data and planning projects to reduce emissions.

As an example, you can find Nevis Ensemble’s Policy on Sustainability here.

An environmental policy can set out your approach, commitment and aims in being a more sustainable organisation or venue. It will also make your work and ambitions clear to staff, public, community and volunteers. Your policy might include actions such as those outlined in this document (e.g. travel, buildings, engagement, catering, etc.). Even a simple policy is a good place to start and can be refined and built on over time. Your environmental policy should be reviewed and updated annually.

Alongside, or in place of your environmental policy, it is a good idea to develop a detailed action plan or carbon management plan if you want to include more concrete targets. It is up to you what format this document takes, but should include a timeline of reduction or environmental goals and periods of focused community engagement. 

Here are some useful guides and templates from Zero Waste Scotland on developing a carbon management plan.