Data Gathering

Collecting data on your energy, waste and travel can be a really excellent way of finding out where the biggest portion of your carbon emissions is coming from and areas where you might be able to reduce in the future. Having a good picture of where your emissions come from will allow you to prioritise the areas that are the heaviest on emissions and concentrate your energies on reducing them. Emissions are usually measured per year but can be done per quarterer, or per project, and should become a regular part of your annual accounts. 

There are several different online tools for measuring carbon emissions. 

Julie’s Bicycle – Carbon Calculator (free, but sign up required) can be used for measuring the carbon emissions from your building, for travel, or for a specific project.

Creative Carbon Scotland – Tenants Energy Toolkit (Free download)

Claim Expenses (a small cost each year) can be used for travel alone. When measuring travel, it is a good idea to include both staff travel/commuting as well audience and visitor travel.

For individuals or slighter smaller venues, you may find one of the following is most useful.

WWF Carbon Footprint Calculator Calculator

The simplest way to measure waste is to count your bin bags. This can be done by creating a tally or chart next to the bins or door where the bins are taken out. Provide appropriate tallies on your chart for landfill waste, recyclables and compostables, as each of these will have a different carbon footprint. This data can be recorded and then entered as an annual total into Julie’s Bicycle Carbon Calculator at the end of your financial year.

Communicate your Data

Communicating your data is a great way to get your staff and community involved, by demonstrating where your biggest emissions footprint is and also where you’re succeeding in reducing waste and emissions.

This can be done by displaying visuals or charts of the data you’ve collected. These can be printed off from the Julie’s Bicycle tools or you can make your own simple charts. These can be displayed in various locations throughout your organisation or building.