Calum Robertson


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your life. Not necessarily music-related!

I’m from Edinburgh and went to school here where I did lots of music and sport. I studied in Glasgow and now live back in Edinburgh!

How did you first get into music?

I had piano lessons from the age of 5 from my auntie then took up the clarinet at 8 at school as well as singing in the school choir from 5. I started the organ when I was 14.

What made you decide that music would be an important part of your life?

Initially playing in a youth orchestra and the thrill of that but now it’s being involved in many different types of music making from chamber music both clarinet and organ, to conducting and accompanying a choir and orchestral and solo music.

What has been your musical highlight so far?

There are loads for different reasons and some are quite a long time ago! Playing the Mozart Concerto in the usher hall in the last concert at my school. Winning the Edinburgh Competition Festival in 2008. Playing Principal clarinet with the CBSO and RNS. Playing Nielsen clarinet Concerto with BBCSSO in 2010. Playing quartet for the end of time in 2016 in the Fringe. A concert of soprano and clarinet music last year again in the Fringe. Being part of the Jazz Rites of Spring performances and recording, recording music for advent at the church I play.

There are loads!

Who are your favourite composers/artists/musicians?

Again there are loads! Love contemporary music but a huge fan of English romantic too. MacMillan is certainly one of my favourites.

What do you anticipate for the Nevis Ensemble?

From my point of view I’m looking forward to being part of a really inventive ensemble with bold ideas and can imagine it will be a great success!