Auld Lang Syne

You may have seen our first Nevis Living Room Ensemble project and we’re really pleased that you have come to learn more about our second!

Everyone is invited to take part, either by playing instruments, singing, playing pots and pans, or even some interpretative dancing. All you need is your instrument or voice and your phone.

Our next piece is Scotland’s ‘signature song’: Auld Lang Syne.

With lyrics by Robert Burns, this piece is sung around the world on New Year’s Eve (Hogmanay as we call it here), or here in Scotland at weddings, ceilidhs and celebrations. There are also versions of the song sung in many countries. So, we thought it the best song to get lots of people involved. In fact, we’re being really ambitious and aiming to have an instrumentalist or singer from every country in the world

How to get involved…?

We have put together some resources to help you contribute in whichever way you might like. For instrumentalists, there are beginner, intermediate and advanced parts, and for singers we have a pronunciation guide as well as backing tracks for SATB parts if you would like to try them.

We are going to attempt to have at least one participant from every country in the world. We’d therefore love to hear Auld Lang Syne sung in lots of different languages as well as Scots. Check if we have a translation for your mother tongue; if we are missing yours, get in touch and maybe you can help us!

Choose your respective instrumental or vocal part, and have a practise by yourself, and with the backing track. If you would rather make an audio-only recording that is fine, but we would love video as well!

For those who might not have an instrument at home, or don’t feel like singing – YOU CAN STILL TAKE PART. Get out those pots, pans, wooden spoons, wine glasses, air horns, home-made pasta shakers… and make some music alongside the backing track.

Once you feel ready to record, stick in some headphones and play along to the backing track, and submit to us.

How do I submit…?

Once you are ready, send your recording to either by email, wetransfer or Dropbox. You can upload to our Dropbox here. If it’s easier, you can also send by WhatsApp on +447957417267.

Please use a filename with your instrument and name, such as “Jim Smith, violin” so we can identify it easily.

Lastly, please complete the short form here so we can get in touch with you to share the finished video (and so we can tick off the countries!)

Things to remember…

  • Videos from both individuals and groups are welcome
  • Be as fun and creative as you like
  • Anyone is welcome to take part. If you are under 18, you should get the permission of a parent or guardian.

Happy playing, and do get in touch if you have any questions.