Nevis Ensemble is launching a new Fellowship programme starting from autumn 2022, and we are looking for 23 musicians to join our first cohort as we take orchestral performances and projects to communities around Scotland. This development programme, for musicians at the start of their working lives, or those looking to shift their career focus, will help to prepare individuals for high-quality community focussed work that enables meaningful, accessible and innovative participation in music.

We have put together an Audition Pack, available here, and ask you read over that before applying. However, do feel free to be in touch at with any questions you may have or anything that isn’t covered in the FAQs below.

We will have an open Zoom info session on Tuesday 19 April at 2pm for anyone who might want to know more, but please do be in touch by email at anytime. If you would like to come on the Zoom call, please email for the link.

In-person auditions will be held in Glasgow in the week beginning 16 May 2022. There will be an online option open to those for whom an in-person audition would not be feasible.

In order to be considered for an audition, please complete the short application form here, and upload a recording (or give a link) of one solo or duo piece of your own choice. Closing date for applications is Friday 29 April 2022 at 5pm.

Due to time constraints, it is unlikely that we will be able to offer every interested person an audition, and we understand that it may be disappointing for those not invited this time. We aim to give feedback to everyone who requests it as to why they may not have been selected on this occasion. Individuals are welcome to apply again in the future.

Nevis Ensemble is committed to the promotion of an inclusive and diverse working environment and we want to ensure that the organisation reflects the communities in which it works. We therefore especially welcome applications from individuals who are LGBTQI+, D/deaf, disabled, and/or from minority ethnic backgrounds. You can see our Policy for the Promotion of Equality and Diversity here.

Once you have applied, we would ask that you complete our anonymous Equalities Monitoring Survey. The information and data collected will only be used for internal monitoring, is completely anonymous, and will not be shared with third parties. Please only complete questions you feel comfortable answering.

If you have any questions about the role or the application process, please feel free to get in touch for an informal conversation with us at

Zoom info session: Tuesday 19 April 2022 at 2pm
Deadline for Applications: Friday 29 April 2022 at 5pm
Auditions: week beginning Monday 16 May 2022 in Glasgow

What is Nevis Ensemble?

Nevis Ensemble is one of the UK’s most exciting music organisations. Our mission is to take and make music for everyone, everywhere. We tour as an orchestra to community venues and public spaces around Scotland and deliver projects with partner organisations, as well as provide training and development opportunities for musicians.

What are the Nevis Fellowships?

From autumn 2022 we are changing our model so that we bring our musicians on as Fellows for one or up to two years. During their Fellowship musicians will receive extensive training, curate chamber music tours, lead projects alongside partner organisations and tour as an orchestra around Scotland. It will be an unrivalled development opportunity for musicians.

How is a Nevis performance different?

The main focus of orchestral performance will remain as it has since the start of Nevis – touring in communities that may not have regular access to live performances. The main significant difference is that we will be able to increase the number and consistency of touring performances we can deliver.

When on tour we perform multiple times a day in community or public spaces, with a focus on social venues, as well as some more unusual spaces (in the past this has included swimming pools, bowling alleys, mountaintops, remote island beaches, farms, and life drawing classes…)

We perform music of different genres, and programmes for particular concerts are chosen by musicians. Our musicians present their concerts, play standing up, do not wear a uniform, and assist with the setting up and getting out of venues, Most importantly, wherever possible we stay for coffee, lunch or dinner with audiences to chat, share experiences and ‘demystify’ the orchestra.

Who are the Fellowships for?

The Fellowship programme is open to all musicians who play one of the instruments listed in the Audition Pack. You do not have to have received formal music higher education through a conservatoire or university, and there are no specific qualifications you need to apply. There is no age limit for applicants, and whilst we imagine the majority of people applying will be near the beginning of their careers, we really welcome those who are looking for a change in focus in their music-making, or those who work in completely different industries but with a real talent for music and connecting with communities.

Where is Nevis based?

We are based in Glasgow, and from the summer of 2022 we are relocating to Easterhouse in the city’s east end. Our office will be within Platform, which houses rehearsal studios, practice rooms and a recording studio (as well as swimming pool and library), and we will be resident in the local high school with many rehearsals and projects taking place there as well as in the feeder primary schools.

The area is easily reachable from Glasgow city centre by bus and train, and is also easily cycle-able.

How much is it to apply?

It is free to apply and free to audition. If travel costs would be prohibitive to your attending an audition, do let us know and we can see what we can do.

Do I have to make a new recording?

If you have an existing recording, please do use that, and there is no need to create a recording specifically for this application. If you do not have an existing recording, or wish to make a new one, please refer to the guidelines in the Audition Pack to help make your recording as good as it can be. There is no need for specialist equipment, and a good phone recording is more than sufficient.

What is the time commitment?

The Fellowships will average at about three days (weekdays) a week between mid September and the end of July. On some weeks, notably when touring, you will be with us for more days and perhaps across weekends; this would be reflected across the calendar with days off in lieu of that.

Some sessions (tutti rehearsals, whole-group training, touring) will require everyone to be there at the same time. For chamber music and projects, there is more flexibility, and whilst we will have a framework, we can work around other work or commitments to a degree.

Musicians can stay on the scheme for one, or up to two years.

What if I have other work?

We would advise all of our Fellows to look for other opportunities during the Fellowship, and part of the programme will help participants to make connections and hone their career path. The Fellowship is part-time and the bursary is designed to cover living costs comfortably, but it is likely other sources of income would be needed.

The calendar will be available for all those offered a place before they accept, and whilst some activity – such as tours and rehearsals – are fixed and we would expect everyone to be attending, there are other aspects that have a greater deal of flexibility and can be scheduled around other commitments.

We also know that things come up through the year, and we would always expect to have a conversation about how to make things work well for everyone.

Would I need a visa?

If you are not a UK national, have indefinite leave to remain or another settled status, or – for instance – a Graduate Visa, you will need to obtain a visa (such as the Youth Mobility Visa Scheme) to undertake the Nevis Fellowship programme. If you are unable to arrange for your own visa, we will do our best to help, however we are unable to guarantee a successful application. Do feel free to be in touch if you are unsure of your status or need some advice.

Can I apply if I am still studying?

Whilst not full-time the Fellowship programme will work out at about three days per week, and as such may be unsuitable for those who are still studying. However, if your head of department or lead tutor agrees to your taking part, and your institution will allow you to take part with Nevis activity taking priority, we would definitely welcome you to apply.