‘Just a note to say how much us old guys enjoyed the walk up Ben Nevis. We came from Dumfries to see you guys play and although the weather beat us, we thoroughly enjoyed the walk with you all. So much so that we are awaiting your schedule for 2019 and will be joining you somewhere. We enjoyed the music and admired your stamina, you are a credit to your profession. Keep up the good work!’
Scott Nicholson

‘I just wanted to say a great BIG thank you for entertaining my son with special needs yesterday in Saltcoats. I was told that whilst he was moving his arms, your orchestra played music in time to his movements. My boy just loves music and you’ve made him so happy.’
Catherine Payton

‘A great orchestra bringing pleasure to everyone who heard them!’
Christine MacCallum

‘Amazing! Thanks so much for coming to the Night Shelter. It brightened up our night.’
Lesley King


‘Really enjoyed today! Thank you so much for being so exuberant and joyful.’
Kate Cotter

‘Fantastic performance. Loved 500 Miles and your musicians going into the crowd with the kids. Amazing. Very special.’
Audrey Heron

‘You were fabulous! We had such a great evening. Thank ALL so much! (And thanks for giving my daughter a piccolo lesson afterwards! She is inspired.’
Sarah Whittle

‘Thank you SO much. I am a convert. Can’t believe we had an orchestra in our village hall evoking such different emotions.’
Janine Calder

‘I’m sending this email to thank you for the joy and happiness you brought me today when you’ve performed in Tesco Maryhill. Your music has honestly brightened up my day, and I’m pretty sure everybody felt the same. Thank you so much. God bless you all.’
Muna Mustafa Kareem Kareem


‘Sitting in my back garden this evening, I heard the beautiful sound of an orchestra playing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ wafting in the evening breeze. Being a fellow musician, I couldn’t resist finding the source so off I went in search of the sound. To my surprise, I was met by the lovely sight of an orchestra rehearsing at the loch side in the sun outside the Gibson Hall, preparing for their concert tomorrow in the village.’ Do you want a go at conducting?’ said one of the members, and so me being my shy retiring self jumped at the chance – still clad in my slippers. To top it all, I got to conduct ‘500 miles’, one of my all time favourites. What a great end to a busy day at work – thank you Nevis Ensemble!