Introducing Julia Fisher, Nevis Ensemble’s new Marketing and Communications Officer

Tell us about yourself:

Hello, I’m Julia, I’m originally from Edinburgh but I now live in Glasgow. I’m Nevis Ensemble’s new Marketing and Communications Officer. I’m a big fan of theatre, boardgames, cooking, and making lists of my hobbies.

How did you come to Nevis Ensemble?

In terms of my route to Nevis, it’s been a bit indirect. I first entered the performing arts through acting and playwriting. I’ve always been interested in making up stories and the fun things you can do when you get a room full of people to get invested in something together. I was always a little bit put off but how rigid a lot of theatre felt, it always seemed weird when a play was performed in a way that it seemed like the audience weren’t really meant to be there. Eventually I slipped into the world of performance art, which is exactly what everyone imagines it is. A lot of throwing paint around and shouting, but also a lot of fun.

What kind of things do you enjoy making?

I found myself drawn to making work in communities and doing things that was real and accessible. I‘ve made one-to-one performances where myself and an audience member went on a walk while we both wore the same jacket at the same time, I’ve made what were effectively in-person games about gambling and anxiety, and I’ve kept pitching a 3 hour show about the Cheeky Girls that nobody wants me to perform. All this kind of work is what has drawn me into Nevis Ensemble, I really love the focus of making work that gets out to people and is so open.

What do you like about Nevis?

I’m not a “music person” and I’ve always been warmly welcomed into everything Nevis does, it doesn’t matter that I don’t know my Haydn from my Handel. I really appreciate the approach of bringing orchestral music to people who don’t think of themselves as “orchestra-goers”. I am really looking forward to learning as much as I can from Nevis, not just from the musical side of things but from both the depth and breadth of all the work Nevis does.

What kind of music do you like?

I’d like to think I have a diverse taste in music, I tend to enjoy everything, from 60s folk revival to hyper-pop that sounds like a broken fire alarm. I also have real love for Bossa Nova, especially Antônio Carlos Jobim, there’s something very romantic about it, I like the kind of retro fancy dinner party feeling it gives off.

Are you musical?

I’m not particularly musical myself, I played the saxophone (which my mum bought in Lidl!) in high school, but I never practiced much and ended up falling behind. I have always appreciated the presence of an orchestra or a big band, my favourite part was sitting in the midst of the big sound we made, even though we were all missing notes and rather out of tune. At least I was.

What are your plans for the job?

I’m looking forward to getting Nevis’ name further out there and especially producing some new video content, which you should keep an eye out for on our social media. I’ll be behind all the tweets and emails and Instagram posts you see from us, so hopefully they make you desperate to come and see us touring across the country. I look forward to seeing you all there.