Thursday 15 April | Ewan McGill

For his #100DaysOfGreenNevis project, Nevis trustee Ewan McGill is planting wildflowers to help support biodiversity.

We first heard from Ewan on day seventeen of the campaign. You can read his post here.

For the #100DaysofGreenNevis I’ve challenged myself to plant wildflowers to support insect pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, in our built up areas. The challenge has really kept me motivated and it’s great to see some signs of progress with native British bluebells starting to appear in a shady patch of my garden. They’ll provide an early source of nectar – perfect for the bees until more plants start to bloom.

I’ve also become more aware of what others are doing and joined in with a Glasgow-wide litter pick last weekend, tidying a local wildflower meadow. Listening to our clarinettist Helene’s #100DaysofGreenNevis themed Spotify playlist helped me along; I absolutely recommend it!

We’ve been asked to choose our own favourite piece of music inspired by our challenge. I don’t play an instrument, so I decided to look back at the music I enjoyed from when I worked with Scottish Ballet, and I’ve picked out John Adams’ Fearful Symmetries. On this piece, Adams spoke about the impression it gives of movement, changing landscapes and, in this case, of urban landscapes. I thought it makes a good reminder to pause from the city bustle to think about the sustainability of our built environments and what we can do to enhance these spaces to support nature.

From 1 February 2021, Nevis is running #100DaysOfGreenNevis, where our musicians, staff and trustees will each take on a task for 100 days linked to Sustainability. We’d love you to join us, either by following the campaign online to get ideas of what you can do, or to show us you own actions for us to share. If you would like to know more, do get in touch at 

Nevis Ensemble’s #GreenNevis campaign in 2019 won the Environmental Sustainability award at the 2020 Scottish Awards for New Music, and was shortlisted for Best Campaign by Julie’s Bicycle.