Monday 22 March | Day 50!

It’s Day 50 and halfway through our #100DaysOfGreenNevis campaign!

Over the past 50 days and continuing for the next 50 days, our musicians, staff and trustees are taking part in creative and practical tasks to raise awareness of the climate crisis and improve their own sustainable living. We’ve been so inspired and motivated by the variety and commitment from everyone taking part we thought we’d share a round-up of all the amazing actions so far.

We’d love for you to have a look through the actions and, if you feel inspired, join our musicians, staff and trustees on their mission to be more sustainable and share your actions using the #100DaysOfGreenNevis.

Trumpeter Elisabeth Lusche is walking 500 miles to raise money for the John Muir Trust and the Sierra Club.

Most days, I’m intimidated by the challenges posed by climate change. But some days – like the day when I completed my 211th mile – I’m reminded of the simple truth that even the longest journeys begin with a single step. Today is Global Day of Climate Action, so I’m compelled to ask: What step can be taken for the planet today?” Elisabeth Lusche.

Cellist Heidi van der Swaagh has decided to reduce use of single-use plastic.

Cellist Keena Wildman is creating her own vegetable garden with carrots, broccoli, parsley and basil.

Violist Sally Webb is highlighting the decline of Britain’s hedgehog population, and taking steps to make her garden a better place for them to be.

Violinist Lisa Robertson is keeping a tree diary to learn more about the role trees play both in the environment and our culture, with inspiration feeding into her composition work.

Bassoonist Sarah Keen is creating daily improvisations inspired by endangered species.

Trumpet player Guro Skullerud is sharing and learning 100 new habits and finding out exactly how she can make changes.

I’ve committed to going through my habits and things, investigate what is sustainable and what isn’t, and then see what I can swap or change. But most importantly, I really want to learn more about why!” Guro Skullerud.

Violinist Andrew Taheny has decided to go vegan!

Admin Assistant Joey O’Neill and trombonist Jésus Lorente González have teamed up to cycle ‘500 Miles’ each to raise funds for Trees for Life.

Trumpeter Isaac Boothman has been exploring Sustainable policies, as well as thinking of new ones.

Saxophone player, Jenny Akroyd has taken a ‘green pledge’ and gone vegetarian for the duration of the challenge.

Clarinetist, Helene Lunde Heggstad is creating a Spotify playlist with music related to all things environmental.

Trustee Ewan McGill is planting wildflowers to help support biodiversity.

Cellist Joanna Stark is doing some research into climate change and writing daily songs about the things she finds out.

In doing this, I hope to raise more awareness of small but significant factors that can contribute to the bigger threat of global warming, whilst challenging myself to be more creative through lockdown and approach these issues with a more positive mindset; that these are changes we can make rather than obstacles to tackle.” Joanna Stark

Bassoonist Lucy Morrell is going vegan!

Viola player Teresa Ferreira is asking 100 different people over 100 days a single question about climate change.

Oboe player Chloe Peterson is walking 500 miles to raise money for Trees for Cities.

Bassoonist Ronan Whittern is taking short videos and field recordings of local trees.

Cellist Kirsten McLaren is committing to buying only seasonal and local produce.

Oboe player Olivia Tomasovic is making daily improvisations based on endangered species.

My goal for this project is to raise awareness on the fragility of our planet, of the beautiful plants and creatures we share this precious space with, and of some of the great organisations and people who are committed to protecting them for our future. I hope that through my improvisations and their stories, that others will be inspired to help our earth in small ways, for even the smallest stone can help to create a great mountain.” Olivia Tomasovic

Flautist Kris de Roeck has decided to collect one piece of litter everyday.

Artistic Director Holly Mathieson has been recycling old materials into craft projects.

Bassoonist Zoe Lumsden is committing to making more sustainable choices at home.

Violinist Georgina MacDonell Finlayson is collecting 100 different pieces of music, art or text that relate to the climate crisis or our natural world.

Cellist Helen Barclay is walking/cycling 500 miles to raise money for the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF).

Tour manager Duncan Sutherland is writing 100 letters to elected representatives or organisations to highlight ways we can limit the climate emergency. 

This challenge can be quite a thought intensive undertaking and I won’t lie that I’m behind on my letter count… but I want to remind myself, and the humble reader, that lots of small voices can make a big roar so we all need to continue chipping in with whatever energy we have in whatever way we feel capable!” Duncan Sutherland.

We’d love for members of the public to join us, either by following the campaign online to get ideas of what they can do, or to show us their own actions for us to share. If you would like to know more, do get in touch at 

Nevis Ensemble’s #GreenNevis campaign in 2019 won the Environmental Sustainability award at the 2020 Scottish Awards for New Music, and was shortlisted for Best Campaign by Julie’s Bicycle.