Friday 12 February | Isaac Boothman

For his #100DaysOfGreenNevis project, Nevis trumpeter Isaac Boothman has been exploring Sustainable policies, as well as thinking of new ones. You can read them in his blog here.

I have decided to write weekly about seven (well, ish!) policies, aims and ideas that would make a difference to the fight to improve the health of earth and all its inhabitants.

The climate emergency is daunting, and terrifying – of course it is! But the position we’re often in is one where we feel paralysed by the awfulness of it all, and forget that we can actually move, run and work. With this project, I wanted to remind myself of the massive scale at which we can improve things, what we can accomplish together, and what we should be wanting our society to accomplish.

So far, I’ve written about 13 aims and policies – 7 based on housing (inspired by all those walks we’ve been taking for daily exercise) and 6 based on food (inspired by eating it). It’s been an opportunity to pass on the little bits of stories I already knew (like my home city’s flood defences, say) and tie it into something more massive. It’s also teaching me a lot more about global struggles and movements that are making real change; I definitely haven’t known lots of things I really should!

This week saw me finding out about La Via Campesina, a global movement connecting peasant and landworker’s organisations – they have over 200 million members across organisations in 81 countries. Their campaigns in support of reshaping agriculture and supporting peasants, and sustainable food production seem real, possible and helpful, so please check them out, and take a look at the things we could be supporting.

From 1 February 2021, Nevis is running #100DaysOfGreenNevis, where our musicians, staff and trustees will each take on a task for 100 days linked to Sustainability. We’d love you to join us, either by following the campaign online to get ideas of what you can do, or to show us you own actions for us to share. If you would like to know more, do get in touch at 

Nevis Ensemble’s #GreenNevis campaign in 2019 won the Environmental Sustainability award at the 2020 Scottish Awards for New Music, and was shortlisted for Best Campaign by Julie’s Bicycle.