Thursday 4 February | Sally Webb

For her #100DaysOfGreenNevis project, viola player Sally Webb is highlighting the decline of Britain’s hedgehog population, and taking steps to make her garden a better place for them to be.

“I am currently caring for two hedgehogs in my garage until the spring and providing food and water in my garden for several more. To encourage the declining population (30 million in the 1950s, down to 1 million now), I hope a little education of anyone who will listen, will go a long way to ensuring that these fascinating creatures will be around for my grandchildren and great grandchildren to enjoy.

They need safe spaces away from roads (they travel 2-3 miles a night foraging), holes under fences and through walls so they can travel through multiple gardens, food and water (not milk, they are lactose intolerant) when it is scarce (dried hedgehog food is fairly easily available) and rescuing if they are out in the day or under 400g in late October.”