Call for Scores

Nevis Ensemble is thrilled to announce its 2020 Call for Scores. This opportunity is open to all composers.

  • Submitted works should be existing, completed but unpublished works.
  • All genres of orchestral music are welcome*. Nevis Ensemble performs everything from classical to jazz, via heavy metal and Scottish traditional.
  • There is no age limit.
  • Composers may be resident in any country, though we are particularly interested in those living in Scotland.
  • Works may or may not have been already performed.
  • Works should last no more than 8 minutes.
  • Submitted works do not need to be for the Nevis full line up (listed below).

Nevis will select up to four pieces that may be performed by the orchestra during its 2020 touring activity across Scotland and mainland Europe. Works will receive multiple performances as part of these tours.

Submitted works should be existing pieces, though if successful, the orchestra can offer a fee should any reworking be needed for Nevis Ensemble’s instrumentation.**

Workshops will be held on 15 April/7 May 2020 in Glasgow for those successful composers*** to work on their piece with the orchestra.

For reference, Nevis Ensemble’s instrumentation is:
7 first violin
6 second violin
4 viola
4 cello
3 double bass (one doubling on electric bass)
2 flute (including piccolo)
2 oboe
2 clarinet
2 bassoon
2 alto saxophone
2 trumpet in B flat
2 French horn
1 trombone
percussion (no tuned percussion)

To be considered, please submit:

Files should be submitted to

Closing date Monday 2 March 2020 at 5pm

Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask at


Since August 2018 Nevis Ensemble has given almost 200 concerts to people across Scotland, performing everywhere from a farm in the Borders, to the summit of Ben Nevis itself and the far-flung islands of St Kilda.

In 2020, the orchestra will give an extensive tour of Europe, supported by The Scottish Government, with concerts in Brussels, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam, as well as touring around Scotland as part of the Year of Coasts and Waters 2020.

Artistically led by Holly Mathieson and Jon Hargreaves, Nevis aims to remove barriers to accessing orchestral music, bringing it to where people are, and when they are there. Just think; 40 energetic musicians run out of a bus, instruments in hand, and less than five minutes later the intrigued crowd hears something incredible and unexpected. Everyone leaves feeling uplifted and inspired, proud of the place to which they belong.

*composers using electronics in their music are welcome to apply, though practicalities would need to be discussed.
**level of remuneration will be discussed and according to the work required.
***travel expenses will be covered for those resident within the UK.